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Community Service Award: 2019 Recipients

Bringing home a great honour for Her Time founders. In April of 2019, Sergeant Sandy Avelar and Detective Anisha Myette were awarded the Community Service Award from IAWP (International Association of Women Police) in Alaska.

Giving Back To Community

Both officers strongly believe that compassion is essential in improving lives, and it is their duty as leaders to nurture our communities by creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for everyone.

It was clear from their frontline police experience that there is a need for preventative and empowerment programming led by and catered to females. They have dedicated countless hours of their own time to present key information to youth, train other agencies and provide individual supports.

Follow Along As We Impact Lives

Our goal at Her Time is prevention. We provide leadership, fun, activity and education for young women. Giving back and impacting lives is the most rewarding endeavour.


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