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Her Time:
Leadership Development Program

Our Stoy

The Co-founders of Her Time, Detective Anisha Myette and Sergeant Sandy Avelar, are committed to empowering and educating young women.

Her Time was created in response to the surge of young women involved in gangs and organized crime. With the help of key players in the community, as well as the experience of our founders,  "Her Time" was founded to address the lack of education and resources available to females.

The "Her Time" after school program is led by trained and experienced female coaches who support the youth in developing leadership skills. Creating a safe environment is crucial for empowering young women to thrive in their situations and take advantage of opportunities for growth. The groups are encouraged to engage in various activities, enhance their physical literacy, listen to guest speakers, and enjoy exciting field trips.

We are happy to offer a strengths-based approach to empower young females to stay safe and healthy while achieving remarkable things in their lives. The foundational pillars of the Her Time program are organized into a playbook that focuses on positive relationships, healthy living, financial independence, goal setting and personal safety.

Her Time, alongside partners, The Washington Kids Foundation and the Vancouver Police Foundation are committed to offering leadership development programming for youth.


Guardian Testimony: "Just letting you know that she really enjoys going to this group and I think she’s had some really healthy conversations with the staff there. It gives her a space to speak freely and talk about topics that maybe she wouldn’t talk to anyone else about.

Thanks for creating that space for her! You guys are doing a really good job👌"

About The Her Time Founders

Sergeant Sandy Avelar

Sergeant Sandy Avelar has dedicated 25 years of her career to the Vancouver Police Department, where she has worked in various sections such as Patrol, Vice, Youth Services, and the Organized Crime Section-Gang Crime Unit. Currently serving as a Sergeant in the Organized Crime Section-Gang Crime Unit, Sandy brings extensive operational experience and serves as a Tactical Advisor for her agency in the Public Order Group.

Sandy has specialized training from the National Gang Crime Research Center in Chicago, including International and Transnational Gang Problems, Female Gangs, Gang Prevention Skills, and Management Skills for Gang Outreach. In addition to her work with law enforcement, Sandy co-founded "Her Time," an anti-gang initiative for females. She has presented "Her Time" to audiences including student groups, community groups, and law enforcement agencies throughout Canada and the United States. Sandy also co-designed and currently oversees three Brick and Mortar programs for Her Time Girls Groups and helped to design curriculum for these programs.

Her outstanding work in the field of community service has earned Sandy recognition, including the 2019 International Association of Women Police award for Community Service and two nominations for the RBC Woman of the Year in Social Change. Sandy is currently completing graduate school, specializing in gang wives and organized crime.

Detective Anisha Myette

Detective Anisha Myette has an impressive 15-year career with the Vancouver Police Department. Her journey led her to the Major Crime Section - Homicide Unit, where she currently serves after years in the Organized Crime Section- Gang Crime Unit. Anisha started her policing career with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia, working in the Covert Intelligence Section for five years. In this role, she was exposed to multi-million-dollar organized crime cases that reached national, cross-border and international levels. Since then, she has focused on organized crime and intelligence and is skilled in handling confidential informants, earning her the distinction of being the top female informant handler in the Vancouver Police Department for 2019/2020.

Anisha is also a co-founder of “Her Time”, an anti-gang initiative for females. She has presented this initiative in several venues, including the National Gang Crime Research Center’s annual conference in Chicago, IL, where she received specialized training in areas such as Female Gangs and Management Skills for Gang Outreach. Anisha has also presented at the Gang Conference in San Diego and for the East Coast Gang Association in Atlantic City.

Anisha has served as the liaison officer for VPD for the End Gang Life Program, an anti-gang program created by CFSEU. She co-designed and currently oversees three brick and mortar programs for Her Time Girls Groups, helping to design the curriculum for these programs. Anisha's contributions to her community have been recognized, earning her the 2019 International Association of Women Police award for Community Service and two-time nomination for the RBC Woman of the Year in Social Change.

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